Saarbrücken is easily accessible by train from the following airports: Frankfurt Airport (FRA) and Luxembourg Airport (LUX). There are express trains directly from Frankfurt airport to Saarbrücken.


Arriving at Frankfurt Main Airport:

The website of the Airport is this:

Getting to Saarbrücken …

… By train

Frankfurt Main is one of the biggest German airports and has many good connections. To get to Saarbrücken, it is recommended to take a train, which you can catch directly in the airport.
From your terminal (usually Terminal 1), you can proceed to the train station for regional trains (“Regionalbahnhof”). Should you arrive in Terminal 2, there is a free Sky Train and also a free shuttle bus that will take you to the Terminal 1, where you will find the regional train station.
There is a direct connection with a regional train which runs to Saarbrücken every hour. The travel time is about 2hrs 35min. Instead of a direct train, you can also book a train with a change of trains, usually in Mannheim or Mainz.
The train schedule can be seen online:
Tickets can also be bought online, at a ticket machine or the ticket office right at the platform.

… By bus

A second option are the long distance buses, which have become a good alternative to travelling by train. There is a direct bus between Frankfurt Airport, Terminal 2 and Saarbrücken:
The travel time is about 2hrs 50min and the tickets are only about 10€. The train can be found at Terminal two, at the bus station (“Busbahnhof”). Simply look for the sign of the bus company. Tickets have to bought online.

… By car

Finally, Frankfurt Main Airport also has a variety of rental car services, which are often opened 24 hours per day. You can take the car from this airport and then give it back in Saarbrücken at the train station. If you are travelling with several people, this might be a way to save some money, but please be aware of the traffic rules in Germany and check if your driver’s license is valid in Germany.

Hotels in Frankfurt

If you are stuck at the airport, for example if your plane arrives very late and there are no connections, you can of course spend a night in a hotel at the airport. On the website of the airport you can find all the informations on the various hotels.


Arriving at Luxembourg Airport:

The website of the Airport is this:

Getting to Saarbrücken …

… By bus

There is a frequent bus shuttle that commutes between Saarbrücken main train station and the train station in Luxembourg (“Luxembourg Gare”). Please take the bus line 29 from the airport to the train station in Luxembourg. The bus runs several times per hour and the tickets are only ~2€. Tickets are bought on the bus from the driver or at the ticket machine in the Arival Hall, Level -1: Timetable Bus Line 29

Once you have arrived at the train station in Luxembourg (“Luxembourg Gare”), you can take the shuttle bus to Saarbrücken train station:

The cost for the ticket is 9€ and the transfer takes about 1hr 30. Tickets can be bought at Luxembourg train station or online upfront.

Bus Terminal Train Station




Mainzer Straße 10
66111 Saarbrücken
phone: +49 (0) 681 93 27 0
fax: +49 (0) 681 38 0 – 13
website: www.leidinger-saarbrü

From thre train station, getting to the hotel …

… By Bus

Take bus 128 direction St. Arnual Wackenberg (10 minutes, 6 stops),
Exit at bus stop St. Johanner Markt, then a short walk (3 minutes, 160 m) to the hotel
Bus comes every 15 minutes

Bus Stop St. Johanner Markt


… By tram (Saarbahn)

Take train S1 direction Kleinblittersdorf/Sarreguemines
Exit at train stop Landwehrplatz (4 min, 3 stops), then a short walk (400 m) to the hotel

Bus Stop Landwehrplatz

… By taxi (costs cannot be covered)

There are plenty of taxis just outside the train station building on the left hand side.

… By foot

15 minutes walk

Walk to the hotel


Venue on Campus June 13-15 and June 17


Saarland University
Saarland Informatics Campus building E1 1, Room 407
(4th floor – barrier-free access with elevator)
66123 Saarbrücken
Phone: +49 681 302-70150

Getting there …

… By bus

Please see the list of busses going to the university below.
Plan 20-30 minutes’ drive depending on traffic.
The bus stop on campus is Universität Mensa.
It’s a less than 5 minutes’ walk to building E1.1.

Bus stop Universität Mensa to building E1.1

Building E1.1

You can catch buses from bus stop Rathaus or Haus der Zukunft

From Hotel Leidinger to bus stop Rathaus Saarbrücken 

List of busses from bus stop Rathaus (10 minutes’ walk)
• 101
• 102
• 150
• 11
• 109
(See schedule)

From Hotel Leidinger to bus stop Haus der Zukunft

List of busses from bus stop Haus der Zukunft (10 minutes’ walk)


• 101
• 102
• 111
• 112
• 124
• 150
(See schedule)


Venue on June 16


Deutschmühlental 19
66117 Saarbrücken
Phone: +49 681 58821-0

Getting there by bus

Take bus no 126 at bus stop St. Johanner Markt to Messegelände, plus a 10 minutes’ walk to the venue

From Hotel Leidinger to bus stop St. Johanner Markt

To be at the venue in time, please take the bus leaving at 08:17 at St. Johanner Markt, arriving at Messegelände 08:26

Busses only depart every hour on bank holidays.


Venue on June 18


Fasanerieweg 15
66121 Saarbrücken

Getting there by bus

Take bus no 506 at bus stop St. Johanner Markt (5 stops) to Halberg. From there it’s a 5 minutes walk to the venue.

Bus stop Halberg to venue by foot

To be at the venue in time, please take the bus leaving at 08:28 at St. Johanner Markt, arriving at Halberg  08:34

Busses only depart every hour on weekends (see schedule).


Venue Dinner Speakers


Cafe Kostbar
Nauwieserstr. 19
66111 Saarbrücken
(Speakers Only)

From Hotel Leidinger it is only a short walk to the restaurant.


Venue for Summer School Dinner all


Mainzer Str. 8
66111 Saarbrücken

The restaurant is right next to the Hotel Leidinger.

Go through the small alley between Hotel and cinema.

Saarschleife [Photographer© Eike Dubois]

Castle Saarbrücken [Photographer© Manuela Meyer]

Ludwigskirche [Photographer © Kevin Ehm]

Völklinger Hütte [Photographer © Eike Dubois]